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Ghita Reads H. C. Andersen

Ghita Reads H. C. Andersen

"Once upon a time there lived in Denmark a great storyteller named Hans Christian Andersen...”

Ghita Nørby is one of Denmark’s greatest actresses, with a critically acclaimed career that spans more than five decades and over 100 films!

For this very special collaboration, Ghita has selected six of her favourite fairy tales from the pen of Hans Christian Andersen.

When we think of Hans Christian Andersen what comes to mind is of a simple, innocent, childlike spinner of tales, practically a character from one of his own stories. However, Andersen was a very different man: a sharply intelligent, ambitious writer with a hardscrabble past, a love of high society, a skillful literary craftsman, and a shrewd observer of human nature.

Likewise, HEARING Andersen's fairy tales, in the original Danish reveal a sophisticated sonic beauty all their own; the words flowing with melody and poetry, as well as skillfully embedded comedy, social critique, satire, and philosophy aimed at adult readers – all of which is perfectly realized in Ghita Nørby’s sensitive and nuanced readings.

The music of Michala Petri and her friends, Chen Yue (Chinese flutes), Lars Hannibal (Guitar), Carolin Widmann (Violin), Ula Ulijona (Viola) and Marta Sudbraba (Cello) provide the perfect atmosphere of enchantment to frame Ghita’s voice.

To frame this exquisite collector’s edition, author, and Hans Chsristian Andersen expert Niels Birger Wamberg has provided exceptional notes, discussing the Andersen’s enduring legacy and influence.


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