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Marilyn Mazur

Percussion / Composer

Marilyn Mazur, Danish composer, bandleader, percussionist and musical legend Mari- lyn Mazur was born 1955 in New York City to a Polish mother and an African-American father.

When Marilyn Mazur was six years old her family emigrated to Denmark, where she studied classical piano and ballet. Her performing career she began in the 70’s as a dancer with Creative Dance Theatre, and a couple of years later she started composing and playing piano with her first band Zirenes. It was only when she enrolled to study clas- sical percussion at the Royal Danish Academy of Music that she began to play drums.
While still at college, she became interested in jazz after hearing Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew and was soon playing gigs around Copenhagen in free jazz groups. From there her amazing CV quickly filled with significant residencies and collaborations, including a longer one with Miles Davis, 1985-89, as the only woman to have joined the group, and thereafter with Wayne Shorter in 1987 and Jan Garbarek 1991-2005, touring the world with these ground-breaking musicians. In addition to a full performing schedule, Marilyn has led several bands of her own, and collaborated with other artists and ensem- bles in concerts and on albums, including the critically acclaimed Brazilian Landscapes (2017) where she collaborated with Brazilian guitarist Daniel Murray and recorder virtuoso Michala Petri.
Marilyn also composes music for film and theatre and creates and performs in nu- merous exciting projects, from avantgarde performance art to innocent children’s songs – all of which incorporate her personal expansive, multi-cultural perspective and her own
brand of poetic Nordic minimalism.

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