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Pernille Louise Sejlund


Pernille Louse Sejlund (b.1979) began her musical career in the Danish Radio Girls’ Choir where she received her first musical training and was exposed to virtually every musical genre from Renaissance polyphony to the Avant Garde, pop and jazz.

Pernille received her degree in music from Copenhagen University and
is currently studying composition at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen with Niels
Rosing-Schow, Bent Sørensen, Carsten Fundal and Hans Peter Stubbe-Teglbjærg. Her compositional
career started in earnest while still a teenager when one of her choral compositions won first prize in a
competition for new choral music. Sejlund remains active as a singer and composes in many styles and
genres – from moody, literate pop songs, to contemporary classical orchestral, choral and chamber works
to even the occasional venture into Rock-n-Roll and Heavy Metal thrown in for good measure.
Her work, Moby Dick – The Great White Whale (2007) for two accordions has enjoyed numerous performances
in contemporary music festivals around Scandanavia and Europe, creating enthusiastic responses
where ever it is heard.

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