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South Jutland Symphony Orchestra


A touring regional orchestra with 65 permanent musicians the South Jutland Symphony Orchestra was established in 1963 and gave its first concert on September 22 of that year.

South Jutland Symphony Orchestra plays about 150 concerts a year, with music ranging from popular to classical, with new and old music, church- and family concerts, and concerts with local choirs, as well as an annual joint concert with Schleswig-Holstein Sinfonieorchester. In addition the orchestra has great focus on children and plays in both kindergartens, schools and colleges north and south of the Danish/German border.

South Jutland Symphony Orchestra is housed in Alsion in Sønderborg. The building also includes University of Southern Denmark, a science section and a concert hall, which is built specifically for classical music and has an acoustic which is one of the best in Europe. When the orchestra is not playing in Alsion, every year it travels several thousand kilometers to venues in Denmark and northern Germany to reach out to audiences across the region.

South Jutland Symphony Orchestra plays for the National Opera performances in the region and takes part in broadcasts on Danish Radio P2.

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