Recorded at: Egedal Church, Kokkedal, Denmark. September 5.-6.-10.-11- 2008

Concept Idea and Executive Producer: Lars Hannibal

Producer, engineering and editing: Preben Iwan

Booklet Notes: Joshua Cheek
Artwork, design and layout: Charlotte Bruun Petersen
Cover Photos: Suste Bonnén
Photos from concert in Marmorkirken, Copenhagen: Ole Haupt
Additional Photography: Lars Hannibal
Chinese seals: Hongye Chen.

Technical specifications: This hybrid SACD was recorded, edited and mixed in the DXD format.

OUR Recordings wishes to thank:

From China:
- Eric Messerschmidt, Director of the Danish Cultural Institute in China, for introducing us to Chen Yue and Ronnie Zong.
- Ronnie Zong, head of the Artist Management Department of Central Conservatory, for being a creative sparring partner, and for providing a valuable connection with Professor Tang Jian-Ping, Chairman of the Composition Department at the Central Conservatory.
- Professor Tang Jian-Ping, for his inspiration and his generous assistance in introducing us to the five young, talented Chinese composers whose works appear on this disc.
- Gang Chen, for being our essential intermediary with the Chinese composers and for coordinating the Chinese part of this project.
- Frank “Fish” Levin, OUR Recording’s web guru, and The Bridge Group in Shanghai, for their assistance throughout the whole project, with a special 'thank you' to Mandy Zhou for her on-the-spot translations.

From Denmark:
- Director Bertel Krarup of The Royal Danish Academy of Music (DKDM), for his assistance in this project.
- Composer Niels Rosing-Schow, for being our liaison with the five young, talented Danish composers, and for coordinating and supervising the Danish part of this project.
- Counsellor Zhang Zhihong from The Chinese Embassy in Copenhagen, for his kind support and helpful suggestions.
- The Danish Composers` Society’s Production Pool/KODA`s Fund for Social and Cultural Purposes
- Dansk Solist Forbund
- Dansk Solistforening af 1921, for their generous support.
- The Rectors of Egedal Church for allowing us to record in the church’s wonderful acoustics.

From the US:
- Joshua Cheek, for his constant inspiration on the necessity of cultural dialogue between East and West.

Throughout the world:
To the many friends we have made when we have performed – their kindness and appreciation has given us the encouragement to continue to explore new, beautiful and creative music to perform.