Producer: Preben Iwan

Editing: Mette Due and Preben Iwan
Mastering: Preben Iwan

Executive producer: Lars Hannibal

Booklet notes: Michala Petri

Art work and cover design: CEZBP, OUR Recordings
Photos: P.11: Peter Olsen, p.15: Svend Withfelt, all others: Søren Solkær.

Guitar arrangements: Lars Hannibal

The recorders played on this recording are by Ralf Ehlert, Moeck and Mollenhauer (Modern Alto).

Warm thanks to Lars Physant for permission to use his wonderful painting “Primer pájaro de poeta ( Turdus merula hoiholti ), 2013. 50,5 × 49 × 0,5 cm.” from the series “Geometries of the Soul” illustrating the book of poetry by Federico García Lorca “Ferias”.

This recording was made possible through the generous support of the Oticon Foundation, Augustinus Foundation, Dansk Solistforbund, and Solistforeningen af 1921.

Warm thanks to Elisabet Selin, Edition Borup-Jørgensen, for supporting the release of this 25 year Petri/Hannibal Duo anniversary CD.

Recorded in Garnisonskirken, Copenhagen, March 1-3 2017
in DXD Format (352.8 kHz/32 bit).