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03 June 2012

Piazzolla, Villa-Lobos etc (Michala Petri with Lars Hannibal, guitar)
OUR recordings 2007

Chinese & western music (Chen Yue (bamboo flute with Lars Hannibal, guitar)
OUR recordings 2007

These two restful compilations go well taken in tandem. The recorder and the Chinese bamboo flute both have a coolness which gives an attractive slant on the popular music covered in these anthologies. Chen Yue gives traditional European tunes, but also the Air on the G string and Winter from The Four Seasons. Lars Hannibal partners them both and takes a few solos in the Chen Yue Spirits disc.


Michala Petri at 50

Two more CDs to celebrate Michala Petri's exploration of ever new repertoire for her instrument. She has previously worked with the Chinese traditional flutist Chen Yue, and this disc Dialogue - East meets West brings together a dozen commissions for the duo, half of them by young Chinese composers, the others by young Danish composers.

Some of these are challenging to players and listeners alike. For those of us unfamiliar with the Xiao & the Dizi. It is not always easy to be sure which player is giving which line... A video would help.

The cover image reflects their pleasure in this association; you can also see them playing together (but not this programme) on several short YouTube videos.

The other disc is a live recording with Gidon Kremer's Kremerata Baltica/Daniil Grishin at Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens, a celebratory birthday concert on the actual date, July 7 2008. It includes a Vivaldi concerto for sopranino recorder, the work Michala has played most frequently throughout her career.

Representing her indefatigable promotion of new music, an interesting work for recorder and string orchestra by Russian composer Artem Vassiliev, not easy listening, well worth getting to know. Michala's interest in Eastern music is represented here by a concertante work The Ancient Chinese Beauty by Chen Yi.

These are both attractive discs, recommended to recorder players and everyone interested in the recorder, as are the others in this expanding series.

Peter Grahame Woolf

Musical Pointer Magazine

Nice first review of Dialogue in Danish Newspaper Politiken
03 June 2012
Michala Petri spiller så ørerne blafrer
Danske Michala Petri har vovet sig ud i det usikre med sin nye kinesiske fløjtemakker på nyt ungdommeligt album.
Af  Henrik Friis
Yao Hu læner sig op ad den kinesiske tradition med lange udsmykkede linjer og stor ro, og Pernille Louise Sejlund skaber smukke flimrende klange med den europæiske blokfløjte og dens kinesiske fætter xiao.

Gang Chens musik lyder som hardcore amerikanske støjeksperimenter med sin stramt blændende toneverden, mens tonerne fra Anders Monrad er minimale og mekaniske.

Michala Petri har vovet sig ud i det usikre med sin nye kinesiske fløjtemakker. Ukendt ung musik som kulturel dialog.

Det tager mindst et par værker at vænne sig til den specielle klang og lære nuancerne at kende, men så fungerer det også. Alle komponister er lige så uprøvede, som de er forskellige, og det giver nogle ujævnheder undervejs.

Anderledes oplevelser
Men spillet er rigtig godt, og man får anderledes oplevelser, så ørerne blafrer.

Det er altid sympatisk, når etablerede musikere lægger ryg til helt unge og uprøvede komponisters musik, og beundringsværdigt, at Michala Petri begiver sig ud i et så musikalsk skrøbeligt projekt.

Ti spritnye værker af folk stort set alle under 30 i en temmelig eksotisk duo giver overhængende risiko for at miste trofaste pladekøbere.

De kan nu bare købe løs ? man bliver overrasket.

iBYEN synes

Fantastic review on Dialogue-East meets Wets in International Record Review
International Record Review
13 April 2010
Dialogue New CD/SACD
East Meets West.
Chaoketu Yan Gui (The wild goose
comes back home). G. Chen The
Greeting from Afar. R. Chen Jue (Very
rare and fine jade). Hu Rong (Fusion).
Li Peng Zhuang (Sparkling Collision).
Monrad EastWest-project 16. Murashkin
Cascades. M. Nielsen Stream. Rofelt
Circonflexe. Sejlund Butterfly-Rain.
Chen Yue (xiao/dizi); Michala Petri (recorders).
OUR Recordings 6.220600 (full price, 1 hour
8 minutes). Website
Producer/Engineer Preben Iwan. Dates September
5th, 6th, 10th and 11th, 2008.
My interest in football is pretty well zero;
but when George Best died and a TV news
programme showed a clip of him apparently
unchallenged by gravity as he seemed to
dribble the ball both through and around an
opposing player as fleet-footedly as a
Mariinsky prima ballerina, I was gobsmacked:
this was true virtuosity, a supreme
achievement in its own way. I found
unexpected pleasure in this release for the
same reason: it's a project perfectly realized.
From the outside, a CD of ten contemporary
duos for recorders and their Chinese
equivalents is not the kind of release to set
the pulse quickening; it was respect for
Michala Petri's musicianship that led me to
investigate further, and I'm delighted I did.
Petri and her instruments will need little
introduction to western audiences; Chen Yue
and hers might. She plays variants of two
instruments thousands of years old in their
design: the xiao and the dizi. The recording
'is the result of several years' planning', as
the Introduction in the booklet by Joshua
Cheek explains (Cheek is an expert on
contemporary Chinese music): ten young
composers, five Danish and five Chinese,
were commissioned to write a duo for Petri
and Chen. The results, all written in 2007,
are very different: some of the composers
wrote 'locally' for each instrument, others
drawing their performance techniques into a
more abstract framework, but all of them
show a striking alert ear in responding to the
colours they are working with – although
you'll have trouble following which is which
as they whirl around each other like tumbling
doves. It's far from obvious to the innocent
ear which composers are Danish and which
Chinese: it struck me that the fourth track
has something of the formal elegance of the
courtship rituals of Manchurian cranes and so
was probably by one of the Chinese; no – it
was Butterfly-Rain by Pernille Louise Sejlund
(b.1979). The next track, The Greetings from
Afar by Gang Chen (b.1969), dances along
with the light-footed good humour that
informs many of the other tracks.
The performances are immediately
engaging, and the sound (the recording was
made in a Danish church) couldn't be
bettered. The booklet, too, is a model of
what such things should be, with Cheek's
Introduction followed by a page on each
composer and then by presentations of the
musicians and their instruments; and the
design has been beautifully done. I looked for
some fault, to moderate such fulsome praise,
but could find none. Martin Anderson
International Record Review

5 out of 5 stars for Dialogue-east meets West in BBC Music Magazine
BBC Music Magazine
05 March 2010

BBC Music Magazine.

Performance 5 stars, recording 5 stars

In Dialogue-East meets West Petri teams up with a Chinese player on the xiao and dizi flutes to perform pieces specially written for this East- West instrumental combination by five young Chinese composers and 5 young Danish ones. The real interest of this collarboration lies in the contrast between what the Western and Eastern instruments can do, with the latter capable of an amazing variety of tricks. Michael Church March 2010
BBC Music Magazine

Review in German Magazine for Chambermusic "Ensemble" on Dialogue-East meets West.
11 October 2009
5 out of 5 Stars!
Michala Petri, the quintessence of the Recorder Art have been fasinated by the Far-East sound and have searched the interplay with the foreign music culture.
In the Chinese Chen Yue she found a competent collegue on the fraditional flutes from her country.
This CD, the second of a Dialogue series from the Label is a sounding experience in searching and finding! Together they play 10 works, five Chinese and 5 Danish. The mix of elements from both cultures make an exciting reflexion of many colours of sounds, that  flows into each other, with each other and against each other in known and foreign tonality, looking, describing, reconciling. invocating, encouraging. Like in a description a thousand years old Chinese painting af the nature these intimate abstract full coloured sound pictures create a visuality that let us stay in a dream that we can be redeemed in this complex world! Admireable what the Danish friend Michala Petris imagination and intuition with her composition in such a idealistic can persuade.
Dieter Steppuhn

Fanfare Magazine review on Dialogue-East meets West
Fanfare Magazine
26 July 2009
Classical Reviews - Ensemble 
Written by James Reel   
Friday, 19 June 2009 

DIALOGUE—EAST MEETS WEST • Michala Petri (rec); Chen Yue (xiao, dizi) • OUR RECORDINGS 6.220600 (Hybrid multichannel SACD: 67: 46)

YAO HU Rong (Fusion). M. NIELSEN Stream. RUI LI Peng Zhuang (Sparkling-Collision). SEJLUND Butterfly-Rain. GANG CHEN The Greeting from Afar. MONRAD EastWest-project 16. SIQIN CHAOKETU Yan Gui (The wild goose comes back home). ROFELT Circonflexe. RUOMEI CHEN Jue (Very rare and fine jade). MURASHKIN Cascades

Buy now from AmazonContemporary Chinese pieces alternate with works by young Danes on this recording that teams the European recorder family with its Chinese analogs, the xiao and dizi. All of these pieces were written, mostly by composers under 30, in 2007 especially for this project spearheaded by the two performers. Most of the Chinese pieces sound distinctly Chinese, through the composers' choice of scales and use of note-bending and other Asian playing techniques. A couple of them quote Chinese melodies, but none of this is travelogue music. Peng Zhuang , for instance, sounds like an extract from Orff's Schulwerk . The Danish pieces, I suppose, are also typical of their culture, yet the greatest interest here is not hearing who uses a pentatonic scale and who does not, but how the various composers cause the two wind instruments to interact. Rong , for example, has Michala Petri and Chen Yue engage in independent but parallel play, whereas Stream establishes a closer, more interdependent relationship between the two lines. The Greeting from Afar by Gang Chen (not the composer by the same name responsible for the "Butterfly Lovers" Violin Concerto) is a playful piece calling for the highest instruments from the dizi and recorder families, while Circonflexe requires the players to switch among the full range of their instruments. Some of the pieces, like Cascades , are lovely, rippling, and fluid, while others are a bit more thorny. This is certainly not New Age meditation music, but neither is it strenuously avant-garde. Both artists play superbly, and the audio quality is notable for what it lacks—there's no high-frequency distortion, no extraneous noise, no strange coloration, nothing but the natural sounds of the instruments recorded in the flattering acoustics of a Danish church. James Reel

Fanfare Magazine

A 10/10/10 review on Dialogue in Klassik Heute
Klassik Heute Magazine
22 July 2009
Details (20.07.2009)

China ist in – und dies nicht erst seit den Olympischen Sommerspielen im vergangenen Jahr. Das Interesse am Reich der Mitte, an dessen Sprache und Kultur ist in den letzten Jahrzehnten stetig gewachsen. Allein ein flüchtiger Blick genügt, um sich von der vermeintlichen Überlegenheit des Abendlandes zu verabschieden und sich in staunender Demut zu üben: so reich, so übervoll von Schönheiten ist die Kultur Chinas, und das wenige, das wir davon hier im Westen bislang überhaupt kennengelernt und wahrgenommen haben, erweist sich als die Spitze eines Eisbergs, dessen Größe und Bedeutung sich erst nach und nach erschließt.

Einer der schönsten und vielleicht auch tiefgreifendsten Wege, in eine fremde Kultur einzutauchen, ist der künstlerische Austausch, die aktive kreative Auseinandersetzung mit dem Andersartigen und zugleich die Erkenntnis, wie viel Gemeinsames es zu entdecken gibt.

Die dänische Blockflötistin Michala Petri hat sich zusammen mit ihrer chinesischen Partnerin Chen Yue auf eine faszinierende musikalische Reise begeben. Ihr Projekt „Dialogue – East meets West" stellt Duette für (westliche) Blockflöte und (chinesische) Querflöte einander gegenüber, die 2007 von je fünf chinesischen und dänischen Komponisten eigens für diese CD konzipiert wurden.

Ich war auf das Resultat mehr als gespannt: Chinesische Folklore versus westliche Avantgarde? Pentatonik gegen Dodekaphonie? Hedonistischer Schönklang im Kontrast zu modernen Spieltechniken? Es würde den Rahmen sprengen, auf alle zehn eingespielten Werke näher einzugehen. Soviel sei gesagt: Alle zehn Stücke sind überaus hörenswert und bieten ein breites Spektrum von ästhetischen, stilistischen und formalen Ansätzen. Alle Konzepte überzeugen, spielen sie auf traditionelle Volksmusik Chinas bzw. der Inneren Mongolei an (Li Rui, Gang Chen, Siqin Chaoketu), verbinden sie beide Welten (Hu Yao, Pernille Louise Sejlund) oder präsentieren sie sehr persönliche kompositorische Lösungen (Anders Monrad, Mette Nielsen, Kasper Rofelt, Benjamin de Murashkin und Ruomei Chen).

Von der ersten bis zur letzten Minute habe ich mit Spannung, Freude und Staunen zugehört. Manchmal war es sogar schwer zu unterscheiden, woher welche Musik kommt. Ein gutes Zeichen, denke ich. Wieder einmal erweist sich das „kleine" Dänemark (damit wohl stellvertretend für viele skandinavische Länder) als Hort stilistisch-ästhetischer Pluralität jenseits festgefahrener akademischer Begrenzungen, wie sie so in Deutschland etwa mit seinem faktisch klar umrissenen Bild, was sich in der „Neuen Musik" ziemt, kaum denkbar wäre.

OUR Recordings hat dem Projekt alle nur denkbare Liebe und Sorgfalt angedeihen lassen: Aufnahmequalität, ausführliche Werkkommentare, Design – alles vom Feinsten! Herausgekommen ist eine der aufregendsten, inspirierendsten und inspiriertesten Blockflöten-CDs der vergangenen Jahre.

Michala Petris Ost-West-Projekt markiert den Idealfall eines interkulturellen Dialogs: Musik, die mir Hoffnung gibt, dass die Zeitgenössische Tonkunst eine Zukunft hat!

Heinz Braun (20.07.2009)
Künstlerische Qualität:
Bewertungsskala: 1-10


Komponisten/Werke Interpreten
Y. Yao Hu:
• Rong (Fusion)

M. Mette Nielsen:
• Stream

R. Rui Li:
• Peng Zhuang (Sparkling/Collision)

P.L. Pernille Louise Sejlund:
• Butterfly-Rain

Ch. Chen Gang:
• The Greeting from Afar

A. Anders Monrad:
• East/West-project 16

S. Siqin Chaoketu:
• Yan Gui (The wild goose comes back home)

K. Kasper Rofelt:
• Circonflex

R. Ruomei Chen:
• Jue (Very rare and fine jade)

B. de Benjamin de Murashkin:
• Cascades

Michala Petri
Chen Yue

Klassik Heute Magazine

Review on Dialogue-East meets West in Fono Forum,-Germany
Fono Forum
11 July 2009
They are Champion on their instrument,- Michala Petri, the brilliant Danish Recorderplayer and Chen Yue from China, a virtuoso on Xiao and Dizi, 2 traditional Chinese Bamboo flutes. For this "Ladie-Duo" 5 young Danish and 5 young Chinese composers have been written a composition. An exciting project, under the Theme " East meets West" with an eccentric sound mix and touch of Excotic that is hot heard evryday.Inspiring! N-H
Music 4 stars out of 5 stars
Klang 5 stars
Fono Forum