September 9, 2022

It is a great pleasure to give information about the new OUR Recordings Digital EP MIRROR OF THE PAST – based on 4 Tang Dynasty Poems. It has been great and inspiring to read the Tang Dynasty Poems that have as a common theme,- man’s wonder at and deep dependence on nature. In their apparently naive form, they explore the reverence humans used to have for nature, and give perspective to the distorted relationship we have today. As such it is a comment to the current environmental situation the world is facing today. The music is written for counter tenor, Stephen Yeseta,- erhu, Xu Ziling, - recorder, Michala Petri, - percussion, Gert Mortensen, - and guitar that I play myself.


August 14, 2022

It is with great pleasuer that OUR Recordings can announce that we have recorded FOUR NORDIC SONGS TO OUR WORLD with the Norwegian singer Birgitte Grimstad, Michala Petri and Lars Hannibal. The 4 "Old Songs" have all, unfortunatelly, a great actuallity and are about human greed, the actual invironmental situation and the stupidity of war song by Birgitte with an intensity that goes directly into your heart and mind. The release will be September the 2th,- and you can find videos on YouTube.

New exciting release with Poul Ruders Chamber Music with Rudersdal Chamber Players

August 4, 2022

It is a real pleasure for OUR Recordings to release 3 works of Danish composer Poul Ruders chamber music with one of Danmarks leading ensembles: Rudersdal Chamber Players. You can read more about the release and the ensemble on the website. The Danish release will be August the 23th,- and the worlwide release will be September the 2th. The cover painting "PANTA REI" is by Danish painter Lars Physant.

Global Music Award Silver Medal for "LUX AETERNA" and "QUATOUR POUR LA FIN DU TEMPS"!

July 14, 2022

OUR Recording is very happy to announce that the 2 latests releases "LUX AETERNA" with Danish National Vocal Ensemble conducted by Marcus Creed,- and "QUATOUR POUR LA FIN DU TEMPS" with Christina Åstrand, Johnny Tessier, Henrik Dam Thomsen and Per Salo received The Global Music Award Silver Medal.

OUR Recordings "Label of the Month" in the "Naxos Family" of distributed Label,

June 16, 2022

OUR Recordings is very proud to announce the Naxos group have choosen OUR Recordings a "Label of the Month" in the "Naxos Family" of distributed Label. Also today we did send out OUR Recordings Summer Newsletter.

Recording of 5 Chinese Tang Dynasty Poems with music by Lars Hannibal

May 24, 2022

Yesterday we recorded 5 Chinese Tang Dynasty Poems with music by Lars Hannibal for counter tenor (Stephen Yeseta), recorder, (Michala Petri), percussion, (Gert Mortensen) and guitar (Lars Hannibal) Due to the corona virus it was not possible for Chinese erhu player Xu Ziling to come to Denmark,- so the erhu part will be recorded later. Producer Preben Iwan. Video Julie Malmstrøm Media. We are working on a late August release for this release that will be a Digtital EP. The songs are all about the relationship between nature and human being,- a comment to the actual climate situation.

Today is the worldwide release of the SACD "Quatour pour la fin du Temps" by Olivier Messiaen

May 19, 2022

Today is the worldwide release of the SACD "Quatour pour la fin du Temps" by Olivier Messiaen with Christina Åstrand, violin, Johnny Teyssier, clarinet, Henrik Dam Thomsen, cello, and Per Salo, piano. Producer Preben Iwan. In the booklet you can read an essay by author Jens Christian Grøndahl on the piece. You can listen all all major digtital platforms,- or buy the SACD via OUR Recordings worldwide distributor NAXOS.

Release of Poul Ruders harpsichord concerto,- soloist Mahan Esfahani

May 19, 2022

Today was the official release of the amazing harpsichord concerto by Poul Ruders. Yyou can listen all all major streaming platforms to this Digital EP. Harpsichord star Mahan Esfahani is solist, and the orchestra is Aarhus Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leif Segerstam. Producer Preben Iwan.

Album of the week in Times: The London Newspaper Times have Poul Ruders harpsiochord concerto as album of the week. Congratulations to all involved.

May 10, 2022

Classical album of the week in London Newspaper Times: Mahan Esfahani, the dynamic harpsichord star.
- think you know the harpsichord? Think again

Recording with Norwegian folk singer Birgitte Grimstad.

April 17, 2022

Monday the 11th we had to cancel the scheduled recording with Norwegian folk singer Birgitte Grimstad due to sicknes. Fortunatelly we can now make the recording on Monday the 18th. Michala Petri and Lars Hannibal will make the accompagnement for 4 old songs from the 60th and 70th, all 4 songs against war.
Producer will be Mette Duo,- and Julie Sunflower will make a video dokumentation.