Recording with Norwegian folk singer Birgitte Grimstad.

April 17, 2022

Monday the 11th we had to cancel the scheduled recording with Norwegian folk singer Birgitte Grimstad due to sicknes. Fortunatelly we can now make the recording on Monday the 18th. Michala Petri and Lars Hannibal will make the accompagnement for 4 old songs from the 60th and 70th, all 4 songs against war.
Producer will be Mette Duo,- and Julie Sunflower will make a video dokumentation.

Recording of Galina Grigorjeva "Lament"

March 21, 2022

Today Michala Petri recorded "Lament" for solo recorder by Ukrainian composer G. Grigorjeva. We recorded in Nr. Herlev Church with producer Mette Due. The release will be shortly on Digital EP

Quartet for the End of Time by Olivier Messiaen is uploaded

March 20, 2022

I am very proud that OUR Recordings, as their 50th release, can announce that it will be Olivier Messiaen´s master piece "Quatour pour le fin du temps". The recording is in all aspects exceptional. The 4 solo players from Danish National Symphony Orchestra, Christina Åstrand, Johnny Teyssier, Henrik Dam Thomsen and Per Salo, has played this piece many times in concerts, and in a concept where an essay in 8 parts by the Danish writer Jens Christian Grøndahl, was read by the Danish actress Solbjørg Højfeldt. The essays is in 2 languages (English and French) and is printed in the booklet, so listeners can have the possibility to read about the single movements. On the SACD there is only the music. All four players are also each of them highly recognized soloist,- and on the sales sheet there is a link from a lovely live performance at the Danish Radio Concert Hall. Producer is Preben Iwan

Upload of Poul Ruders harpsichord concerto as new Digtital EP.

March 17, 2022

Mahan Esfahani recorded Danish composer Poul Ruders harpsichord concert0 with Aarhus Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leif Segerstam i Symphonic Hall i Århus September in September 2020. Producer is Preben Iwan. On OUR Reccordings website you can read more about this digital EP,- and on our YouTube channel you can watch videos where the composer and Mahan taks abiut the recording and the concerto.

Release and Newsletter March 2022.

March 3, 2022

Today is the international release of the album LUX AETERNA with Danish National Vocal Ensemble conducted by Marcus Creed. The repertoire is all Hungarian with musc by Kodaly and Ligeti. Also today OUR Recordings March Newsletter is send out. In the Newsletter you can read an update on releases,- and also my comments to the insane war in Ukraine.

New album LUX AETERNA uploaded

January 4, 2022

LUX AETERNA with music by Kodaly and Ligeti is uploaded now,- and will be released in March 2022. It is the 3rd album in the ungoing project where Danish National Vocal Ensemble conducted by their cheif conductor Marcus Creed record major works from the 20th century.

Petri/Hannibal Duo in Beirut, Lebanon

November 18, 2021

It was a great pleasure to play in the wonderful Les Musicales de Baabdath, "Strings of Hope" Festival in Beirut, Lebanon. The concert took place in Saint Elias Church,- and was a cooporation between the Festival and The Danish Embassy in Beirut. On the 19th both Michala and I gave master class at the Conservatory in Beirut.

OUR Recordings 15 Years Anniversary

October 31, 2021
Today OUR Recordings can celebrate that it is 15 years ago since we launched our own Artist label OUR Recordings. Until today we have released 48 albums.

The Roots & The Flower - Counterpoint in Bloom - Schumann op. 56 & 60 Jens E. Christensen, organ

July 31, 2021

The next album "The Roots & The Flower - Counterpoint in Bloom - Schumann op. 56 & 60 Jens E. Christensen, organ" arrived today. These works are not often played and recording,- and in the hands of the Danish organ legend Jens E. Christsenen, it is difficult to imagine a better performance. The producer is Preben Iwan,- and he captures the amazing sound of the old 1685 organ in Vor Frelsers Church in Copenhagen in a way that you feel you are sitting in the best spot in the church.

Monthly News Letter send out.

June 29, 2021
OUR Recordings Monthly Newsletter is now send out to the more than 500 subscribers. In the newsletter you can read about the latest albums,- and also the new album with Schumann Organ Music played by Danish Organ Icon Jens E. Christensen.