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Pizzicato (LU) "A SUPERSONIC Review This is a coherent, stirring program, splendidly played and very well recorded"!

May 8, 2019

Remy Franck, Pizzicato

Four modern, but rousing and quite accessible recorder concertos in superb interpretations: Michala Petri's latest CD production delivers excitement in a program of world premieres!

'Prelude, Habanera and Perpetual Motion' by composer Roberto Sierra, born in 1953, is a really great piece, immensely well done and exciting, with ample opportunities for Michala Petri to showcase her talents.
Steve Stucky’s Etudes (1949-2016) are a little more modern, but very effective in their own atmospheric way. Michala’s sensitive interpretation draws out each movements hidden beauties! With three highly virtuoso movements (Toccata, Devil's Dance, Furie) and a Lament, Anthony Newman’s (* 1941) neo-classical concerto takes a look over the shoulder at the recorder’s Golden Age. Once again, Michala’s advocacy brings each movement excitingly to life.
Sean Hickey's Concerto for recorder, brass, brass, percussion and harp, 'A Pacifying Weapon', is the most modern piece on the CD and is a personal response by the composer to contemporary but unspecified world events. This may give the music a somewhat threatening character, but it is above all the musical construction and the resulting harmonies that fascinate. Hickey has many ideas and can add them very well to a whole that is effectively presented.
Verdict: This is a coherent, stirring program, splendidly played and very well recorded.

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