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5 stras review in Kristeligt Dagblad, Denmark

January 30, 2023

Peter Dürrfeld

5 stars Chamber music by Poul Ruders
It is probably just a coincidence that a new disc of chamber music by the composer Poul Ruders is interpreted by the ensemble Rudersdal Chamber Players, although the cover of the release plays a bit on the name similarity. It is quite an exaggeration to talk about a portrait CD, all the while that the work contains only three works and has a playing time of just under an hour. We get Ruders' clarinet quintet from 2014 and his piano quartet from 2016 – and as a kind of intermezzo between these two more recent compositions his ”Throne” from 1988, all of it finely interpreted by six eminent musicians: Jonas Frølund on clarinet, Christine Pryn and Isabelle Bania on violin, Mina Fred on viola, John Ehde on cello and Manuel Esperilla on piano. Our Recordings has, as usual, provided an aesthetically pleasing release, and in the text header you get some wise words along the way - as well as a photo of the composer with his dog, Gimmer. So a bit of a portrait CD is it now anyway! Peter Dürrfeld, Kristeligt Dagblad, 30.01.23

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