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Gramophone (UK)LP releases " It is filigree, agile music suited to low-fi analogue sound"?

January 31, 2018

Andrew Mellor

Andrew Mellor on a handful of vinyl issues from Northern Europe specially conceived for the medium

Sean Hickey´s recorder concerto A Pacifying Weapon stands in directly timbral contrast to pretty much everything discussed. But its inclusion on the first LP release from its label reminds us that the presence achieved by analogue sound is just as transformative for hard-edged shouts and scrapes as it is for hand-holding hums and whispers. As the dichotomy of its title suggest, this is a piece in which swards are beat into ploughshares but with accomplished sleight of hands.
Hickey´s capitalizes on the icy edge of his percussion-heavy wind band by channeling Shostakovich-like brutality against which the recorder is the picture of whimsical innocence. But it is the Fife and Drums of battle that end up consoling Michala Petri´s adroit flutters, making way for her final dialogue with an exotic but subtly-deployed battery of percussion. It is filigree, agile music suited to low-fi analogue sound? This is the only record of the six that comes with a download card, Hickeys piece won´t outstay its welcome should you wish to spend some time arguing the toss. Andrew Mellor, February 2018 issue, page 83

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