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Songlines (UK) Danish folk through the prism of classical music. Songlines (UK)

November 15, 2020

James Robinson, Songlines

On your first listen to this album you´ll be immediately struck by it´s “crossover” nature – the fusion of baroque music and Danish folk tunes. It will be no surprise then to learn that both Michala Petri (recorder) and Lars Hannibal (guitar) are prominent Danish classical musicians in their own right. The album is on overtly gentle affair. Soft guitar sounds, a gentle “fuzziness” in the recorder featuring occasional additions of the voice of Amelie Hannibal and cello playing Agnete Hannibal Petri. The playing and singing is sublime throughout, paticulary on the track “Waves on a Ground”, lars producing a wide variety of texture on his guitar alongside some impeccably deployed harmonics, Michala´s recorder both subtle and assured. The booklet is a worthwhile read with individual notes on each track. The initial tracks of original compositions are perhaps a little cautious musically, though there´s much to enjoy later with new arrangements of old folk classics. You might be familiar with one or two of Carl Nielsen´s tunes that have been thrown into the mix. For those yearning for boundary pushing Nordic folk with “edge” though, you are perhaps best trying your luck elsewhere. James Roriston, Songlines November 16th 2020

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