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Danish Release of Vingt Regards sur l´entfant-Jesus have already recieved fantastic reviews in Danish Newspapers Politiken (6 stars) and Information (do not have a star rating)

Danish Newspaper Information:
Messiaen's mighty piano work in a splendid interpretation by Kristoffer Hyldig French Olivier Messiaen's 'Twenty glances at the Child Jesus' is a pilgrimage into an all-encompassing religious world. Danish Kristoffer Hyldig has made a magnificent recording.
Danish Newspater Politiken (6 stars)
A Dane has recorded a boundary-crossing mystical album
With his interpretation of composer Olivier Messiaen's legendary piano work 'Vingt regards'
Kristoffer Hyldig ranks among the great pianists.

New release from OUR Recordings

Olivier Messiaen’s two-and-a-half-hour piano cycle Vingt Regards sur l’enfant-Jésus is one of the most extraordinary and ground-breaking works in twentieth-century piano repertoire, joining such musical Mount Everests as Bach’s Goldberg Variations and the late Sonatas of Beethoven. That such a work was created in 1944 during the German occupation of France, and yet expresses such joy, conviction, love, and hope makes it all the more remarkable.
At more than two hours in length, the work is rarely performed in full. It takes a special kind of performer who has the physical and emotional stamina and focus to undertake such a task for it places immense technical and musical demands on the pianist. One such musicians is Kristoffer Hyldig. KRISTOFFER HYLDIG is one of Denmark‘s leading pianists, recognized for his musicality and highly personal, sensitive approach. Known for his versatility, he is in demand as a soloist, as well as chamber musician and lied accompanist, and his concerts are often broadcasted on Danish Radio. He is a founding member of Messiaen Quartet Copenhagen, where his work comprises artistic programming as well as closely working with composers, commissioning, and premiering pieces.
Recorded in Vor Frelser’s Church, Copenhagen during one of the most severe periods
during the lock down by producer, recording & balance engineer extraordinaire,
Preben Iwan. The album is recorded in the immersive DXD format by Preben Iwan.