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UPHEAVAL IS CD OF THE WEEK in Danish National Radio Classical Channel P2

February 12, 2024

Congratulations to Janne Fredens & Søren Rastogi. Their album UPHEAVAL have had a great international attention including an entusiastic presentation in Bayrischer Rundfunk BR Classic,- and CD of The Week in DRP2., and a great Gramophone review.

The Danish Newspaper Politiken have choosen VINGT REGARDS as BEST RELEASE in 2023.

December 11, 2023

The Danish Newspaper Politiken have chosen VINGT REGARDS as BEST RELEASE in 2023. On the list of the 10 best releases you also find SOLO ALONE AND MORE med clarinetist Jonas Frølund. CORELLIMANIA with Michala Petri, Hille Perl and Mahan Esfahani is one of 3 finalist for the ICMA Award.

Danish Music Award for Kristoffer Hyldig´s recording of Messiaen "Vingt Regards"

November 28, 2023

The motivation from the Jury writes:
Kristoffer Hyldig: Messiaen: 'Twenty Contemplations on the Infant Jesus' One can't help but bow down in admiration for the Danish pianist Kristoffer Hyldig's recording of Olivier Messiaen's piano masterpiece 'Twenty Contemplations on the Infant Jesus' ('Vingt Regards Sur L'Enfant-Jésus'). 'Vingt Regards' is a monumental work that, across 20 movements and two hours, reflects on the infant Jesus. It is sensual and mystical music, filled with peculiar timbres and distinctive rhythms. It is music that demands the utmost from the pianist – in terms of technique, musicality, and physicality. Kristoffer Hyldig interprets the work with tremendous skill. Every note is carefully considered, yet it sounds spontaneous and fluid. This is an album of international caliber.

Today is the release of DIE WEIHNACHTSGESCHICHTE

November 3, 2023

The inspiration for Hugo Distler’s gem of a Christmas narrative can be found in the
German-language protestant sacred music of the early baroque era, especially
the music of Heinrich Schütz. Drawing on Schütz’s example, Distler composed
his Christmas story exclusively for vocalists – soloists and a 4-8-voiced ensemble
– in what is, in Distler’s own words, described as an “Oratorium mit kammermusikalishem
We also hear parts of the beautiful choral Es ist ein Ros entsprungen, which appears
seven times during the course of the narrative. – every time in a new harmonic
The story of Hugo Distler’s life is a tragic one. Born in Nuremburg in 1908, he
would go on to teach at the School for Church Music in Spandau before being appointed
professor of church music in Stuttgart in 1940. Distler, who was a deeply
religious man, has been recognized as a forerunner of the New German Church
Music, an important musical movement which developed in the 1930s. The Nazis
stigmatized Distler’s compositions as “degenerate art”, and when he received his
conscription papers, he took his life. Sadly, Distler’s music is seldom performed
outside of Germany even to this day.
Hailed by Gramophone as “a choir worth listening to for their beautiful singing,
which can deliver performances of pure, natural eloquence,” the 16 voices of the
award-winning vocal ensemble Concert Clemens, founded by conductor Carsten
Seyer-Hansen in 1997, has established itself as one of the leading vocal ensembles
in Scandinavia. Their stylistic versatility has been seen in numerous collaborations
exploring the connections between jazz and classical music as well as noteperfect
interpretations of standard repertoire. The evangelist, tenor Adam Riis, is
one of Denmark’s leading voices.
Recorded in the DXD format by the Danish “Wizard of Sound”, Preben Iwan, in the
resonant sonics of Skt. Markus Kirken, Århus.

Today is the release of Corellimania.

October 13, 2023

On the new album with the star trio Petri/Perl/Esfahani the music Corelli’s influence on 3 German Baroque Masters, Bach, Händel and Telemann.
For this exploration of the 18th century’s Corelli Craze, the dynamic star trio of Mahan Esfahani, Hille Perl and Michala Petri unite to trace the Roman’s influence, (sometimes in name only...) on the musical legacies of Bach, Händel and Telemann, and of course two works from the pen of the celebrated Italian Master, himself.
In for different 5 stars reviews Fanfare wrote before the release:
5 stars: "A brilliant, must-have recital of Baroque chamber music"
5 stars: "A remarkable, stunning release; there is nothing to adversely criticise here. Nothing at all"
5 stars: "An absolutely fabulous and absorbing program surrounding the doyen of Baroque Italian composer, Archangelo Corelli"
5 stars: "This is an hour and a quarter’s worth of wonderful music, expertly played, and superbly recorded. Recommended to one and all"

Release of Symphonic Jazz album SONG & WIND

September 22, 2023

Today is the release on a Symphonic Jazz album SONG & WIND. The award-winning composer Jakob Buchanan wrote this amazing work for Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, percussionist Marilyn Mazur, Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir and conductor Carsten Seyer-Hansen.
Composer, trumpet and flugelhorn player Jakob Buchanan writes music specifically with the musicians he is working with in mind. Joining him on this important project are regular collaborators the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, conductor Carsten Seyer-Hansen and percussionist Marilyn Mazur. Together they conjure landscapes of beauty, power and sometimes deep melancholy. Mazur’s panoply of percussion function as an emotional “basso continuo,” speaking a language built out of pure rhythm while Buchanan’s solos emerge almost like ancient cantilations from the choral/orchestral textures. The Aarhus Jazz Orchestra is carefully orchestrated, and the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir provides an aura of ethereal beauty to this soundscape song and wind.
In every way, Buchanan’s Song & Wind is a worthy successor to his earlier award-winning Requiem, (also written with Marilyn Mazur and the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra in mind), a major work, expressive and full of beauty, drawing equally on the music of the past while charting a further course into the future.

Release of Poul Ruders: Piano TRIO

September 15, 2023

It is with great pleasure that OUR Recording today release the amazing "Piano Trio" by Poul Ruders, recorded by one of the worlds foremost Piano Trio´s TRIO CON BRIO COPENHAGEN. You can listen to the music on this site by clicking on Stream Music. This work has all the qualities to become a standard piece for all Piano Trio´s worldwide.

New release: 1 album and 4 singles...

August 25, 2023

The international release of Jonas Frølund debut album SOLO ALONE AND MORE has been overwhelmingly received by the press. Read reviews on the site by a click on the album. Further OUR Recordings has released 4 singles: 1) Carl Nielsen "Cadenza" from Clarinet Concerto from Jonas´s album. 2) and 3) "Songs in the Air" and "Rain falls" from the upcoming release "SONG & WIND" by Jacob Buchanan. 4) "SLOW MOTION" for another upcoming release :"Poul Ruders: Piano Trio played by TRIO CON BRIO COPENHAGEN.

Jonas Frølund is ONE TO WATCH in an article in Gramophone July issue.

July 15, 2023

The next OUR Recordings release, August 11, shows the young Danish talent, clarinetist Jonas Frølund. It is a great achievement for Jonas that Gramophone in their July issue pick Jonas as ONE TO WATCH. Congratulations to Jonas!

Today is the release of Scandinavian Guitar Duo´s 30 Years Anniversary Album " ALL CLASSIC". Congratulations to Per Pålsson and Jesper Sivebæk.

June 9, 2023

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