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Benjamin de Murashkin


Benjamin de Murashkin (b.1981) was born in Denmark, but at the age of one moved to Australia with his family, where he lived for 21 years before returning to his country of birth.

In Australia, de Murashkin majored in composition at the University of Melbourne, where he graduated with honors. De Murashkin is currently studying at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Originally wanting to play pop music, de Murashkin discovered classical music as an adolescent and has lived an amphibious life ever since. While still a student in Australia, he released several solo CDs and since 1999, he and singer Anne Christine, have performed as ”Sage”, with whom he has released several successful CDs. The music of Benjamin de Murashkin refrains from any philosophical artifice, instead making its appeal directly to the emotions of the listener. His concert works include the orchestral piece Fra Skyer Mørke og Tunge af Regn, Findes Ly i Skovens Dybde (From Clouds Dark and Heavy with Rain, Refuge is Found in the Forest's Depths), and Guldhornene (The Gold Horns), for soprano and piano, written for Amanda Forbes, who gave the premiere of the piece together with the composer at Melba Hall, Melbourne, in 2004.

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