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Bjarke Mogensen


Born on the Danish island of Bornholm in 1985, Bjarke Mogensen quickly made a name for himself as an internationally acclaimed accordion virtuoso and a versatile musician with a keen ear for diverse styles.

His repertoire spans from the renaissance to the avant garde, and his playing has inspired composers at home and abroad to write new concertos, solos and chamber music especially for him. Mogensen’s catalogue includes many critically acclaimed releases, including solo recitals, chamber music, concertos with orchestra as well as smaller formations playing music across the entire spectrum from folk to experimental.
Mogensen,the performer, does not restrict himself to music originally written for the accordion – he has extended his instrument’s repertoire with his own arrangements, some for the accordion on its own and some for him to play with other musicians. The present disc is Mogensen’s first CD featuring the seductive music of Astor Piazzolla occasioned by the centenary of the great tanguerist’s birth. Piazzolla’s own instrument was the bandoneón, closely related to the freebass accordion that Mogensen plays, using an instrument that belongs to a very restricted number of exclusive Mythos accordions built by the Pigini firm in Italy.

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