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Per Salo


Per Salo is very active both as a solo pianist and as a chamber musician. He was trained both as an organist and as a pianist at The Royal Danish Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen and furthermore he holds a Master’s degree as a pianist from The Juilliard School of Music in New York, USA.

Since 1989 he has held the position as pianist and organist in the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. His vast repertoire contains the classical piano music as well as contemporary music - the latter being a big passion of his. He has even commissioned and first performed several works by Danish composers - including Per Nørgård who wrote and dedi-cated his piano concerto Concerto in due Tempi to him. Salo has played concerts all over the world and his numerous recordings is a testimony to an adventurous musician with a wide-ranging repertoire. Per Salo has received numerous prizes and awards.

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