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Percurama Percussion Ensemble


The Percurama Percussion Ensemble was founded by Professor Gert Mortensen, with The Royal Danish Academy of Music as its point of departure.

The combination of students and teachers means that the ensemble features many participants from the Danish percussion scene. The number of musicians varies from 2 to 25, depending on the repertoire to be played.

Forum Percurama is a melting-pot of various artistic forms such as ‘contemporary concerts’, ‘cross-over performance’, drums and modern dance, world/ethno music, concerts for children, trash music, music theatre, percussion and choir and percussion combined with ‘real-time painting’ and gamelan ensemble.

One thing all Percurama activities share is the fascination with the ritual power of drums, pulse and rhythm that is created by a blend of sounds, sound-effects and the use of a large number of instruments.

For years, Percurama has had a fruitful cooperation with the French conductor Jean Thorel, one that has resulted in many performances of works composed for enormous groups of percussion, including: Edgar Varese Ionisation, Lou Harrison Labyrinth #3, Gérard Grisey Le noir de l’étoile and Alberto Ginastera Cantata para America Magica.

Percurama collaborated with the Danish choir Ars Nova in presenting a unique version of John Cage’s Song Books at the famous Viking ship museum in Roskilde, where a music circus was established for singing voices, percussion, electronics and actors.

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