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Stephen Yeseta


Los Angeles native Stephen Yeseta received his Master’s degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2020, where he continued to the soloist class under Marianne Rørholm and Helene Gjerris.

Stephen’s lovely alto voice, vivacious musicality, and warm timbre have, over the past few years, made him a
sought-after soloist and ensemble singer in various musical styles. He sings regularly with Musica Ficta, Camerata Øresund, Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir, and the DR Concert Choir, and has worked with Lars Hannibal, Michala Petri, Jakob Vejslev, Ebbe Munk, and Bo Holten. He has appeared as soloist in various
works, including several Bach Cantatas, Händel’s Messiah, and Vølvens Spådom by Bo Holten.
In addition, Stephen has special abilities within Gregorian Chant and liturgical music, to which he has contributed some of his own compositions, bear mentioning, including his latest commissioned Mass setting.

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