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Thomas Bloch

Ondes Martenot

Thomas Bloch is a globally acclaimed soloist specializing in the rare instruments ondes Martenot, glass harmonica, and cristal Baschet. His performances range from classical and contemporary music to songs, rock, theatre music, opera, improvisation, film music, world music, ballet music. He is also a composer and a producer.

Thomas Bloch has performed over 3000 times in 40 countries and appears on over 150 recordings. He teaches ondes Martenot at the Strasbourg Conservatoire and is musical director for the Evian Music Festival (France) and the 2005 Glass Music International Festival in Paris Cité de la Musique.

He writes articles for various musical books and is responsible for presentations of his instruments at the Paris Musée de la Musique since its opening (1997) and has appeared on more than 200 TV and radio programs.

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