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Xu Ziling


Xu Ziling holds degrees from the Central Conservatory in Beijing in erhu. Ziling has enjoyed an active career performing in various Chinese orchestras such as the National Peking Opera Company, China National Traditional Orchestra, and the Xiyangyang Chamber Ensemble.

She is currently holding a position in The National Traditional Orchestra Academia, Beijing.
Ziling has toured many countries in Asia, Europe as well as Northern Africa.
For some years she was a part of the new music scene in Copenhagen, where she was working as a teacher at the Music Confucius Institute at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, performing and recording with many Danish composers and musicians. Ziling also plays guzheng, guqin, yangqin and other traditional Chinese instruments, and furthermore works with poetry and calligraphy.
Ziling has received many honors and awards. In 2017, she composed the work Dream In The Peony Pavilion in Kun opera style, and for that she received an award.

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