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Petri is, of course, a genius

April 4, 2019

uotes from reviews already received,- what a GREAT start for the new Album:
"Petri is, of course, a genius" CD HotList (US)
10/10/10 Klassik Heute, Germany
"Any serious collector of contemporary concertos would be foolish to pass this one up". Fanfare 4
"The recorder is now a full-fledged citizen of the 21st centuryand should no longer be pigeonholed as a Renaissance or Baroque holdover. Enthusiastically recommended". Fanfare 3
"Has anyone done more to expand the recorder's repertory than Danish musician Michala Petri?" Fanfare 2
"The indefatigable Michala Petri continues her championship of the recorder repertoire in this beautifully recorded and annotated disc". Fanfare 1

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