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4 stars review in Choir and Organ

April 19, 2022


Lux Aeterna - choral works by Gyorgy Ligeti and Zoltan Kodåly Danish National Vocal Ensemble/ Marcus Creed OUR Recordings 6.220676 (SACD) [50:30] ****
This is a fine, beautifully shaped and sung collection of a cappella pieces by two Hungarian icons. If Ligeti's Lux Aeterna comes only slowly into focus, never quite as luminous or mysterious as it might be, the rest, in resounding SACD sound, is a veritable showcase of wonderfully reciprocal, exquisitely blended ensemble voices. Especially notable is the nuanced evocation of mood and moment in the buoyant rhythms of Ligeti's Matraszentimrei Dalok and intense Holderlin triptych. Kodåly's Esti Dal, Este and Matrai kepek positively glow in graceful, free-flowing performances lit up by high and low voices of the Danish National Vocal Ensemble dexterously woven together by Marcus Creed. MICHAEL QUINN, April 20th 2022

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