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Ensemble (Germany) 5 out of 5 Stars!

October 10, 2009

Dieter Steppuhn, Ensemble Magazine, Germany

Michala Petri, the quintessence of the Recorder Art have been fasinated by the Far-East sound and have searched the interplay with the foreign music culture.
In the Chinese Chen Yue she found a competent collegue on the fraditional flutes from her country.
This CD, the second of a Dialogue series from the Label is a sounding experience in searching and finding! Together they play 10 works, five Chinese and 5 Danish. The mix of elements from both cultures make an exciting reflexion of many colours of sounds, that flows into each other, with each other and against each other in known and foreign tonality, looking, describing, reconciling. invocating, encouraging. Like in a description a thousand years old Chinese painting af the nature these intimate abstract full coloured sound pictures create a visuality that let us stay in a dream that we can be redeemed in this complex world! Admireable what the Danish friend Michala Petris imagination and intuition with her composition in such a idealistic can persuade.
Dieter Steppuhn, 11.10.2009

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