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Soundboard Magazine (US)

January 24, 2022

Albert Kunze

Just when I thought I knew everything about music (stop smirking!), I received this disc from Danish guitarist Jesper Sivebæk. It turns out I had never heard of Kim Larsen, a very prominent Danish singer/songwriter/band leader. Who knew? I gather that Mr. Larsen was a sort of Scandinavian Beatle. Sivebæk has recorded twelve of Larsen’s songs in beautifully conceived and executed arrangements, mostly his own. They range from extremely pretty love songs to rambunctious guitar romps. He acknowledges influences from rock to bluegrass and Villa-Lobos. Knowing almost nothing of the originals (except for dipping into a few of Larsen’s performances on YouTube), I can nonetheless attest that Sivebæk’s arrangements and performances are very beautiful, and sometimes quite virtuosic. He demonstrates a formidable technique. This disc was an unexpected treat. Very fine recording with good and quite necessary liner notes. Albert Kunze, Soundboard Magazine (USA) - January 2022.

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