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I Dreamt a Dream

I Dreamt a Dream

Songs of the Danish Heartland

“Songs are thoughts; every breath is a song - when humans seek to rise above themselves, and communicate with a power that is greater than themselves, they no longer speak, they SING!”
Orpingalik, Netsilik-Folket, Grønland.

Last year, Michala Petri and Danish National Vocal Ensemble released a recording their first artistic collaboration, the ECHO Klassik award winning, critically acclaimed CD “The Nightingale.”

For their next project, Michala Petri the Danish National Vocal Ensemble were joined by conductor and composer Michael Bojesen in an beautiful and exciting project – the fulfilment of a long-standing dream for all of the artists: I Dreamt a Dream – songs of the Danish heartland.

Danish folk music mirrors the soul of the Danish people – it has its own unique characteristics and it's often easy to determine which region of Denmark a folk music song stems from, simply based on linguistic expressions, intonation, and dialects. During the national romantic movement of the 1800s, there were many classical composers who incorporated local folk music of Denmark in their compositions to give their music a more distinct national character; and each tune, no matter how humble its origin expresses the joy of singing. These songs makes the Danish people feel united, and tell us where we belong.

For this CD a program of some of the most popular Danish folk songs is selected, and Michael Bojesen arranged them anew for recorder and choir. Even you do not know the Danish language you will feel the atmosphere of the Danish homeland, its indescribable beauty, its unspoiled nature, the colour of the wind and the restless sea that surrounds H.C. Andersen’s home.

The Danish international acclaimed producer Preben Iwan ( recorded this CD in DXD soundformat (Digital eXtreme Definition) 352.8 kHz / 24 bit.

“Since the birth of the flute, two instruments - voice and flute have been united. This combination is as natural as the sun rising; the airy recorder and the soaring song of human voices matching eachother in eternal harmony” Danish Music Magazine “Klassisk”, March 2012.
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