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Digital EP
Release April 19th 2024

The ripple effects of the war in Ukraine are extending human suffering far beyond its borders, exacerbating a global crisis unseen in at least a generation. Morten Jessen began composing KYIV shortly after war began, inspired by the courage and strength of Kyiv’s defenders. While he was composing his piece, he corespondent with the Ukrainian priest Viktor Marynchak who held services in the darkness of the Kharkiv subway during Rus- sias’ six-month siege of the city. The Ukrainian violinist Natalia Gordeyeva learned of Jessen’s composition and felt her own story reflected in the music and contacted the composer. Since then, the two have collaborated closely on a series of charity concerts for Ukraine, performing at venues such as the National Museum in Copen- hagen, Elsinore Cathedral, Radio and Television in Denmark, - and for the Danish Prime minister, Parliament and the Danish King Frederik X and Queen Mary.
The piece is also scheduled to be performed in Ukraine on a Tour in Ukraine in May, including concerts in Kyiv Philharmonic and Lviv Philharmonic Hall.
Morten Jessen is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, founder of the Nordic Church Ensemble and organist at Høsterkøb Church in North Zealand. Throughout his works he has explored the effect of sacred spaces on musi- cal sound and many of his works strive to create a dreamy and timeless expression.
Born in Kyiv, violinist Natalia Gordeyeva performed her first solo recital at the age of 7. At the age of 10 she performed as a soloist with the Kyiv Camerata chamber orchestra. She would continue her meteoric rise becom- ing an in-demand soloist and chamber partner, and later, teacher of her own academy. Following the Invasion of Ukraine, she evacuated to Denmark and committed herself to promoting Ukrainian culture in Europe. She was quickly re-established as a brilliant musician and performed at the numerous Ukraine-supporting events and charity concerts."


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