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Piano Trio

Piano Trio

Trio Con Brio Copenhagen - Poul Ruders - Release September 15. 2023

"There are some musical forms that that have been so defined within the classical canon that any new work seeking admission faces a formidable challenge. Take for example string quartets, a genre univer- sally recognized as the acid test of a composer’s mettle, Likewise, the Piano Trio, a form whose roots nominally go back as far as the Baroque, would become one of the preeminent musical genres of the Romantic era. And yet, many of the greatest additions to the repertoire are one-offs, with often no more than one or two within a composer’s oeuvre.
And so it was with Poul Ruder’s first foray into the realm of the Piano Trio. Composed in 2020 for TRIO CON BRIO COPENHAGEN. Ruders described his Piano Trio, with characteristic wit, as “just “itself”, with no hidden agenda,” a musikalische Ding an sich, bursting with ideas and virility. The outer movements zip by in a flurry of heightened virtuosity that verges on the ecstatic (or hysterical, depending on your mood), with the central movement, “Slow Motion,” living up to the title’s promise. Were this writer to of- fer a musical frame of reference, Ruder’s new Piano Trio occupies the sonically exploratory-yet-familiar sound world of Ives’ oddball works for piano and strings, sans the American patriotic tunes.
This is vigorous and engaging contemporary music that further demonstrates Ruders moving from strength to"


Piano Trio

October 8, 2023

Great review in The Arts Music Lounge

Lynn René Bayley

Piano Trio

September 28, 2023

Great review in Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

Gregory Applegate Edwards

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