Recorder and Guitar

Lars Hannibal has captured in words the spirit behind this compilation of pieces arranged for the two instruments:

The music all has a touch of Latin, and the name “Siesta” is meant as a little “Time out” during the day where you decide to do something else than work! - it could be listening to some music!

As in the cover picture, the door and windows are closed - in other words the people are taking their “Siesta” - but not asleep, far from it. Ideally, doors and windows should be closed whenever one listens to music, but the world strays further and further away from that ideal, as from so many others.

  • Michala Petri has performed more than 4000 concerts in the worlds leading festivals and Concert Halls,and has broken down the boundaries of her instrument, the recorder.. Since youth she has followed her wish for musical expansion in various ways, through commissioning more than 150 new works, - including more than 30 recorder concertos, through dialogue with other musical cultures and through developing new playing techniques.


    Michala Petri

  • Lars Hannibal began playing the guitar at the age of 15 as many others of his generation. Some years later, a recording by Andrès Segovia, playing the Gavotte from Bach`s E-Major Partita, impressed him so much, that he decided to start playing the Classical guitar.


    Lars Hannibal



“…Outstanding musicianship, great duo playing and a most enjoyable programme!”

Zane Turner


A superb example of light music, which at its best always carries an element of surprise! AMG (US)

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