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Fono Forum Review ,Germany - Four Star (5 possible)

February 17, 2014

Reinmar Emans

The passionate plea that appears in the opening paragraph of the booklet makes the case that the works of Telemann still require a justification and defense. And it is true, that for a long time the master was considered "merely" a prolific and the quality of his creations was often at best, mediocre. Meanwhile, as we have come to know parts of his oeuvre better, it is fair to say that while sometimes, for purely mercantile reasons he succeeded too well in accommodating the tastes of his customers, at others, he surpassed all of his peers with his ability to write with mastery in a variety of styles.
As for the recorder sonatas from the "Getreuen Music-Meister" and/or "Essercizii Musici", while written for the marketplace, are certainly more representative of the latter category. Not only are the different national styles presented here in a perfect form, but also the range between the plain and the ornate, between simplicity and brilliance are explored. There's something for everyone, without any chance that boredom might arise. And it is certainly the case that Michala Petri and Anthony Newman their have taken their share; both approach these works with a straightforward and above all, a completely unaffected playing.
Although Michala Petri can show every now and then just how many notes-per-second can come from a piece of wood, it is never passed off as an end in itself. Newman remains acoustically a little in the background, providing the recorder with an amazingly soft sounding foundation. After listening to this enjoyable "Popular Music", I find myself, no doubt like many, who wish that Telemann had been an even more prolific writer and had presented us with more pieces like these. - Four Star (5 possible), February 2014

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