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Telemann 4 2

Telemann 4 2

Complete Recorder Sonatas

Anthony Newman, the “High Priest of Bach” and Michala Petri, the “First Lady of the Recorder” join talents for the first time in recording, after playing together for many years in concert. To commemorate this historic meeting, our two legendary artists have selected the Sonatas for Recorder by Georg Philipp Telemann. Prior to the publication of Steven Zohn’s magisterial Music for a mixed taste: style, genre, and meaning in Telemann’s instrumental works (2008) there had been a dismaying lack of scholarly works on Telemann and his music in English, but any doubts as to Telemann’s genius will be silenced when hearing this magnificent duo perform these miniature masterpieces. And herein lay Telemann’s genius: even works conceived on the most intimate scale bursts with originality and musical surprises.

”Michala Petri's uncomplicated approach to recorder playing is in the top flight of virtuoso achievement.” – Gramophone Magazine

“He [Anthony Newman] amazed us throughout with his economy of gesture and perfect understanding of classical style. He has a genius for improvising in a manner both spontaneous and digitally immaculate.” – Washington Post


Telemann 4 2

May 14, 2014

Fanfare Magazine (US) Petri is at her most spontaneous, and Newman provides incisive and imaginative support.

Ronald E. Grames

Telemann 4 2

May 4, 2014

Magazine Fanfare (US) It demonstrates that her reputation as one if not the premiere recorder player is well-deserved.

Bertil van Boer

Telemann 4 2

March 12, 2014

The Recorder Magazine (UK)Overall this is a wonderfully entertaining new recording that displays the mastery of Telemann portrayed skilfully and virtuosically by Petri and Newman.

Oliver Smith

Telemann 4 2

March 1, 2014

The Classical Reviewer (UK)

Bruce and Deborah Reader

Telemann 4 2

February 17, 2014

Fono Forum Review ,Germany - Four Star (5 possible)

Reinmar Emans

Telemann 4 2

February 4, 2014

International Record Review

Nicholas Anderson

Telemann 4 2

February 3, 2014

Daily Classical Review (UK)I can but admire, however, the remarkable variety of tone Michala Petri obtains from her instrument, as also the dynamic range. There is not the slightest hint of monotony.

Robert Anderson

Telemann 4 2

March 20, 2013

Klassik Heute (Germany) As Telemann once said to a young composer "Give every instrument its due; The player will be pleased, and the audience too!" is certainly true of this album.

Detmar Huchting

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