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International Record Review, UK

May 14, 2014

Roger Thomas

International Record Review, UK
Contemporary music on CD,- by Roger Thomas:
I´ve also been enjoying another disc featuring percussionist Gert Mortensen, who plays solo and in various duo and ensemble settings in The Percussion Universe of Axel Borup-Jørgensen. It`s at least moot as to which of the many directions taken by the modern percussion repertoire will stand the test of time, but Borup-Jørgensen was particularly insightful in taking the harmonic content of percussive sounds into account when written for accompanying pitched instruments (arguably in exact opposition to Cage, who valued uncompromising sonic coexistence above conventional musical relationships); the second piece on this disc , which is for viola, illustrates this particularly well (OUR Recordings 6.22608, 1. Hour 13 minutes)

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