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Works for Violin & Guitar

The music on this recording comes from the Viennese Classical world in which Mauro Giuliani played a full part.

Born in Italy, he came to Vienna around the year 1806 and immediately made a great impression there. He did not merely play solo music, but performed continually with other musicians; with Moscheles the pianist, Mayseder the violinist, Hummel and many others. He is even said to have performed - perhaps playing the cello - in the first performance of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony in Vienna in 1813.

Giuliani's compositions were not only for the solo guitar; very many of them were for guitar with other instruments, and this recording presents three of them. There are in all about 22 surviving works by Giuliani for guitar with flute or violin, ranging from full-scale virtuoso duos to easy works for beginners. All of them show a full grasp of the nature and capabilities not only of his own instrument, the guitar but also of the other instruments.

It may be mentioned too, that he composed and arranged hundreds of songs with guitar and piano accompaniment.



March 31, 2009

"it would be difficult to imagine a better execution of any of the three works presented on this disc" Music Web International

Zana Turner


February 18, 2009

4 out of 5 stars (Germany)

Stefan Drees,,


April 30, 2008

Charming, wonderful, early Italian romantic, in an interplay between the two musicians that is almost indescribable.

The Musician, Danish Music Magazine


February 14, 2008

"warm and generous performances of Giuliani".

Uncle Dave Lewis, All Music Guide,

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