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In Time

In Time

Aros Guitar Duo
Release April 5th 2024

Aarhus – or Aros as the town was called in Viking times, is one of the oldest cities in Denmark and was first settled around the 8th century. It’s name means “the mouth of the river”, and refers to the town’s location by the mouth of Aarhus Å (Aarhus River). Owing to its central location, Aarhus enjoyed generations of peace and prosperity, and is popularly known as Smilets By (lit. City of Smiles). It is the Danish city with the youngest demographics and home to Scandinavia’s largest university, Aarhus University. From this environment also come the young guitarists Simon Wildau and Mikkel Egelund, who in honor of their hometown call themselves the Aros Guitar Duo. The Duo won several 1. Prizes in international competitions for Guitar Duo’s, including Liectensteiner Guitarrentage Ligita, Omiš Guitar Fest (Croatia), Fiuggi International Guitar Festival (Italy).
Aros Guitar Duo present six works composed especially for them in the years 2018-2021. Each of the composers were given the singular task of using the theme of Morten Børup’s 500 years old ode In vernalis temporis, a melody that has been played by the town carillon since 1948. Indeed, it has become the official melody of Aarhus. This CD, and the entire project, is in fact, a loving tribute to the city of Aarhus, a grand suite in six movements by six very different composers, all of whom have a connection to the city of Aarhus and despite differences in ages and circumstance, composers Asger Agerskov Buur, Martin Lohse, Peter Bruun, Rasmus Zwicki, John Frandsen and Wayne Siegel have jointly created a shimmering sonic portrait of Denmark’s second largest city, and of the diversity of the contemporary music scene in Denmark.

Live videos:
Asger Buur: I foråret (In the spring)

Martin Lohse: Ver

Martin Lohse: Ver
(At little Big Beat Studios)

Wayne Siegel: Vernalis Breakdown
(At little Big Beat Studios)


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