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Michala Petri's 50th Birthday Concert

Michala Petri's 50th Birthday Concert

For Michala Petri, being able to perform on her 50th birthday in Tivoli Concert Hall was very special occasion. It was in that very hall that she had her debut more than four decades earlier, as well as having performed on both her 30th and 40th birthday celebration concerts.

For this Gold Anniversary concert, Michala was joined by the wonderful Kremerata Baltica, in a jubilee commemorating the life and accomplishments of a most creative and adventurous musical life.

The choice of repertoire was Michala’s own and was made based both on what would make an attractive and varied program as well as being representative of her artistry and artistic concerns. Here, the music looks back as well as ahead, and includes the works of the Baroque masters Vivaldi and Albinoni, two exciting contemporary scores composed especially for her (Vassiliev’s Valere Iubere and Chen Yi’s Ancient Chinese Beauty), and at the concert’s mid-point, a beautiful Andante by Mozart. For the remainder of the program, the ensemble of virtuosi known as the Kremerata Baltica take center stage in the performance of two works – Nino Rota’s delightful Neo-Baroque Concerto for Strings and the enchanting Variations on Happy Birthday by Peter Heidrich.

Ms. Petri wishes to express her regret that there was not enough Birthday cake left over to give a piece to everyone, but it is her sincere hope, that the tasty treats served up on that night’s program will satisfy the most discriminating palate.


Michala Petri's 50th Birthday Concert

June 21, 2009

German Klassik Heute,- Allein die beiden großartigen zeitgenössischen Werke Chens und Vassilievs lohnen den Kauf!

Heinz Braun, Klassik Heute (Germany)

Michala Petri's 50th Birthday Concert

September 20, 2008

Live-optagelsen af ønskeprogrammet byder på et broget program.

Jyllandsposten, Denmark

Michala Petri's 50th Birthday Concert

August 31, 2008

Fanfare (US) Petri fans—and all others—won't be disappointed with this disc

Steven E. Ritter , Fanfare

Michala Petri's 50th Birthday Concert

August 17, 2008

All Music Guide (US)t's Michala's birthday, a good time is had by all, and so shall you

Review by Uncle Dave Lewis, All Music Guide

Michala Petri's 50th Birthday Concert

August 7, 2008

Pizzicato Magazine, meisterhaft gespielt von der Solistin, brilliant begleitet von der exzellenten Kremerata Baltika.

Remy Franck, Pizzicato

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