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The Secret Mass

The Secret Mass

Choral works by Frank Martin and Bohuslav Martinů

For their latest release, the Grammy-Nominated, ECHO Award-winning
Danish National Vocal Ensemble under the direction of Marcus Creed
have selected a program showcasing the works of two 20th century
masters: Frank Martin and Bohuslav Martinů.
The centerpiece of this album is Martin’s towering masterwork, the Mass for
Double Choir. Originally completed in 1926, Martin did not allow the work to
be performed until 1963. After its premiere he explained: ‘I felt that a personal
expression of religious belief should remain secret and hidden from public
opinion.’ Thankfully Martin decided to share his secret; his Mass has become
one of the 20th century’s most powerful works composed for a cappella choir.
Beyond the similarity of their surnames there is little in common between
the two men. For Swiss-born Martin, his musical breakthrough came early
in life when he heard a performance of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion. His
musical language draws on a wide variety of influences, including Renaissance
polyphony, Hindemithian extended tonality and traces of Schoenberg’s
twelve-tone system, but above all, Bach. In contrast, the urbane, cosmopolitan
Martinů was a stylistic butterfly, and a bit of a late bloomer. One can easily
hear traces of impressionism and Stravinskian neoclassicism throughout his
mature style, but in his finest moments, Martinů embraces the love of folklore
that inspired his elder countryman, Leoš Janáček.


The Secret Mass

August 6, 2018

Music Web International UK "The Danish performance is very moving in its own right and it completes a highly satisfying programme"

William Hedley, Music Web International UK

The Secret Mass

August 2, 2018

BBC Music Magazine (UK):"The singers deliver performances that capture the restrained radiance of these lovely works."

Jan Smaczny, BBC Music Magazine

The Secret Mass

July 13, 2018

Classic Today (US) "10/10 review- This is a lovely recording of worthy music–great music, in the case of the Mass–in performances that are as good as you will hear anywhere."

David Vernier, Classics Today (US)

The Secret Mass

July 12, 2018 Award Winning, Editors Pick "The music is splendid, and the singing is invigorating, focused and delivers the challenging music with ease and musicality that will reward the listener upon each listen. That’s the short of it"!

Adorjan Horvát,

The Secret Mass

July 4, 2018

Native DSD CD of the week! ”Fabulous performance of excuisite choral works by two 20th Century composers. If you don´t know Martin and Martinu, you won´t find a better introduction”.

Bill Todd, senior Native DSD reviewer July 2018

The Secret Mass

July 2, 2018

AllMusic (US) .the result is some deeply felt, little-known, and instantly accessible music.

James Manheim, AllMusic

The Secret Mass

June 15, 2018 (UK) " his mature style, they're again sublime"

Graham Rickson,

The Secret Mass

June 5, 2018

Gramophone (UK) ..the disc is greatly impressive

Ivan Moody, Gramophone, June issue

The Secret Mass

May 22, 2018

Music Web International Recording of the Month! "Marcus Creed’s Danish National Vocal Ensemble sing this music with a straight tone, perfectly pitched and wonderfully blended. I have heard some other fine performances of Martin’s Mass, but none better than this."

Leslie Wright, MusicWeb-International

The Secret Mass

May 20, 2018

Pizzicato (LU) Attraktive Chormusik von Martin und Martinu

Remy Franck

The Secret Mass

May 9, 2018

Resmusica, FR"..recommended to all lovers of choral music".

Maciej Chiżyński, Resmusica, FR

The Secret Mass

May 1, 2018

Choir & Organ, UK STAR REVIEW 5 Stars(Maximum) "Their CD is an important release"

Philip Reed, Choir & Organ, UK

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