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East Meets West

About the Dragon:

The cover illustration demonstrates a vision of a landscape's reflection in the calm water - two travellers meeting - as a symbol of friendship between people regardless of where they may live on the Earth. If the Dragon is your companion while you are travelling, you can travel safely, with the right Spirit.

You find dragons almost all over the world, but unlike the ugly, evil Western types, most Eastern Dragons are beautiful, friendly, and wise. They are the Angels of the Orient. Instead of being hated and feared, they are loved and worshipped. Temples and shrines have been built to honour them, for they control rain, rivers, lakes and seas. Many Chinese cities have pagodas where people used to burn incense and pray to dragons.

Everything connected with Eastern Dragons is blessed. The Year of the Dragon, which takes place every twelve years, is lucky. The last Dragon Year was Year 2000!

Dragons have been an integral part of the Chinese Culture. The Dragon loves to hear music. Sometimes he makes noises that sound like a flute, and he likes to crouch on the head of stringed instruments and listen to music.



June 5, 2007

interesting, charming and unique offering. Gramophone, China

Gramophone China, Rudolph Tang

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