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Poul Ruders

Poul Ruders

Harpsichord concerto - Digital EP

One day in 2019 as Ruders started up his computer, a commission from the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra popped up on the screen for a new piece for harpsichord and symphony orchestra, starring the phenomenal harpsichord virtuoso Mahan Esfahani. The rest, they, is history.
How does one describe a phenomenon like Poul Ruders? No sooner have you found the “mot juste” than some-thing in the music clamors to contradict it. He can be gloriously, explosively extrovert one minute - withdrawn, haunted, intently inward looking the next. Super-abundant high spirits alternate with pained, almost expressionistic lyricism; simplicity and directness with astringent irony. All of which can be vividly heard and experienced in this new concerto.
Harpsichordist, organist, scholar and musical gadfly Mahan Esfahani stands in the vanguard of the new genera-tion of performers liberating instruments previously regarded as the provenance of the early music specialists and bringing them into 21st century concert halls with music to match.

Recorded LIVE in the DXD format and Dolby Atmos, September 10, 2020 in the amazing acoustic in Symphonic Hall, Århus, Denmark. Producer, recording and balance engineer, editing, mix and mastering: Preben Iwan

Mahan Esfahani talk about the premiere of Ruders harpsichord concerto:
Poul Ruders talk about his harpsichord concerto in Danish only:
A portraet video in English with Poul Ruders from Wise music:
More information about the composer:


Poul Ruders

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