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The Nightingale

The Nightingale

The “idea” of combining the recorder with a choir is certainly nothing new; the recorder has joined the human voice in song for almost as long as the instrument has existed. The recorder is in a sense the closest instrument to the human voice, producing a pure sound without mechanisms, reeds or elaborate mouthpieces to alter the tone. However, until recently, few contemporary composers have explored the expressive potential that this combination can deliver.

A recurring theme of each of the four highly personal and distinctive works on this program is a contemplation of nature and humanity. Beginning with Latvian composer Ugis Praulins magical adaptation of Andersen’s beloved fairy tale, we traverse the darker realms of the human heart in Sunleif Rasmussen’s setting of Inger Christensen’s confessional response to Wallace Steven’s “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.” Young Danish composer Peter Bruun provides us a glimpse into Gerard Manley Hopkins secretive mysticism while Daniel Börtz, dean of Swedish composers, holds us rapt in adoration as his celestial angel-bird soars above the extraordinary virtuoso singing of the Danish National Vocal Ensemble.

Once again, Michala Petri has proven herself not only the unquestioned master of the recorder, but her visionary approach to programming and commitment to expanding her instrument’s repertoire into the 21st century make this an absolutely essential disc for fans of Michala, choral music, Nordic composers, and contemporary music with a HEART as well as with a “system.”

“It also goes without saying that Michala Petri has no peer today as a master of her instrument, and she wrings more color and expressive intensity from the recorder than you ever believed possible.”
- David Hurwitz,


The Nightingale

May 31, 2016

Gramophone UK, The Latvian composer weaves Michala Petri`s tweeting recorders around his singers and an ever-present, uncannily natural evocation of the nightingale itself.


The Nightingale

March 12, 2012

Magazine Choir and Organ (UK)4 out of 5 star

Brian Morton

The Nightingale

March 10, 2012

Music Web International (UK)He takes the recorder up high, infiltrates troubadour warmth and has constructed a rich, warm, avid setting, clearly responding to Andersen’s texts with imagination and flair.

Jonathan Woolf

The Nightingale

March 4, 2012

Magazine Musical Pointers (UK) Tremendous texts and marvellous music for each one.

Peter Grahame Woolf

The Nightingale

March 4, 2012

Magazine Gramophone (UK) Stephen Layton steers his peerlessly virtuoso musicians through this electric and innovative mix with his customary polish and dramatic energy.

Malcolm Riley

The Nightingale

March 3, 2012

Klassisk Magazine (DK) SOM FØDT TIL HINANDEN 5 stars

Christine Christiansen

The Nightingale

March 2, 2012

Music Magazine Klassik Heute, Germany- Wertung: 10 / 10 / 10 "CD of the week!!

Heinz Braun 14.03.2012

The Nightingale

February 17, 2012

Magazine (UK)Stephen Layton directs with style, and the disc is spectacularly engineered.

Graham Rickson

The Nightingale

February 11, 2012

Magazine Howard Schmidt (UK) PURE MAGIC- 'Don't miss it.'

Howard Smith

The Nightingale

February 3, 2012

Magazine Piccicato, Luxemburg, - Alle Chorsänger, die sich auch für zeitgenössische Choirmusik interessieren, werden an dieser CD mit Weltersteeinspielungen von Werken für Blockflöte und Chor Gefallen finden.


The Nightingale

January 22, 2012

Magazine, Germany - Hervorragend interpretiert und aufgenommen.

Christian Vitalis

The Nightingale

January 17, 2012

Sächische Zeitung ( Reichweite 710.000)"Grenzlos nah am Geschehen" - For Danish recorder player Michala Petri, nothing seems impossible. Here, she sings like a Nightingale, with all the brilliant sound technology to capture that moment perfectly.

Karsten Blüthgen

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