American Recorder Concertos

Michala Petri Discovers the New World in Four Bold

The late 17th and early 18th centuries were the Golden Age of the Recorder. Played by amateurs and professional and admire by musical connoisseurs, the recorder was everywhere. From Italy to England, the greatest composers of the day were writing hundreds of masterworks to meet the public’s demand! Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, a scrappy group of colonists were carving a new nation out of the wilderness...
But where were the recorders??? It is one of the great ironies of the recorder’s long history, that despite being ubiquitous in nearly every American public music school program, few composers ever explored writing for it.
In order to set this egregious state of affairs to right, Michala Petri, the first Lady of the Recorder, invited four American composers to make their own discovery of just what an Old World Recorder can do!
For the newest installment of her ground-breaking Concerto Project, four works have been specially
commissioned to showcase the sound of the modern recorder, including the late Steven Stucky’s horoughly contemporary Etudes, Roberto Sierra’s Latin-tinged Prelude, Habanera and Perpetual Motion, Harpsichord virtuoso Antony Newman’s Neo-Baroque Concerto for recorder, harpsicord & strings, and Sean Hickey’s boldly-wrought A Pacifying Weapon.

  • Michala Petri has performed more than 4000 concerts in the worlds leading festivals and Concert Halls,and has broken down the boundaries of her instrument, the recorder.. Since youth she has followed her wish for musical expansion in various ways, through commissioning more than 150 new works, - including more than 30 recorder concertos, through dialogue with other musical cultures and through developing new playing techniques.


    Michala Petri

  • Described by Wynton Marsalis as “The High Priest of Bach”, and by Time Magazine as “The High Priest of the Harpsichord,” Anthony Newman continues his 50 year career as America's leading organist, harpsichordist and Bach specialist.


    Anthony Newman

  • The Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra traces its roots back to 1843, when H.C. Lumbye became the first music director of the Tivoli Concert Hall Orchestra - consisting of 22 musicians - upon the opening of The Tivoli Garden.


    The Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra

  • The Danish National Symphony Orchestra / DR was founded in 1925 and is one of the world`s oldest radio symphony orchestras.


    The Danish National Symphony Orchestra / DR

  • Born 1958 in China, Lan Shui made his professional conducting debut in 1986 with the Central Philharmonic Orchestra in Beijing, and was later appointed Conductor of the Beijing Symphony.


    Lan Shui

  • Jean Thorel studied orchestral conducting with Jean-Jacques Werner and Léon Barzin, and ballet conducting with Antal Dorati and André Girard.


    Jean Thorel

  • Steven Stucky’s music is known for combining clear forms with brilliant colors, especially in his music for orchestra.


    Steven Stucky

  • Sean Hickey is an American composer, born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1970 and currently based in New York.


    Sean Hickey


American Recorder Concertos

Endnotes (UK)"..the company as one of the most daring recording organisations in Europe today"

Stuart Millson, Endnotes UK

American Recorder Concertos

Neuwen Noten (NL)

Ben Taffijn

American Recorder Concertos

Gramophone (UK) "This is a multicoloured, multi-textured, multi-ensemble presentation of interesting, little-known repertoire, casting the recorder in all sorts of different stylistic and emotional guises"

Charlotte Gardner

American Recorder Concertos "Kudos to all involved"

Grego Applegate Edwards,

American Recorder Concertos

The Recorder Magazine (UK) "As always, Petri´s playing is exemplary"

Andrew Mayes, The Recorder Magazine (UK)

American Recorder Concertos

Pizzicato (LU) "A SUPERSONIC Review This is a coherent, stirring program, splendidly played and very well recorded"!

Remy Franck, Pizzicato

American Recorder Concertos

BBC Music Magazine (UK) "A beautiful display of surprisingly rich modern recorder repertoire"!

BBC Music Magazine

American Recorder Concertos

Fanfare USA (US) "Any serious collector of contemporary concertos would be foolish to pass this one up"!

David DeBoor Canfield, Fanfare USA

American Recorder Concertos

CD HotList - New Releases for Libraries (US) "Petri is, of course, a genius"!

Rick, CD HotList - New Releases for Libraries (US)

American Recorder Concertos

Klassik Heute (Germany)"10/10/10"!

Heinz Braun, Klassik Heute, Germany

American Recorder Concertos

Fanfare (US)"The recorder is now a full-fledged citizen of the 21st century"!

Robert Schulslaper, Fanfare USA

American Recorder Concertos

Fanfare (US) "Has anyone done more to expand the recorder's repertory than Danish musician Michala Petri?"!

Raymond Tuttle, Fanfare USA

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